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visual aids training workshops

Learning how to make and use participatory visual materials can greatly assist community level workers to stimulate discussion, analysis and local action among the groups they work with.

Our training is particularly relevant to community level health workers, both urban and rural, including those working on hiv/aids prevention, immunisation, maternal and child health, nutrition and hygiene promotion.

hi's training is also relevant in environmental education, community development and local planning projects. In the education sector, we run workshops for teachers and trainee teachers who want to make and use simple, interactive learning aids for the classroom.

For more detailed information about our visual aids training workshops click here.

art workshops

We also conduct art workshops for people who want to use image-making as a means of self expression.

Graphics and visual art can be very useful in post-conflict detraumatisation programmes; in work with refugees, displaced people and street children; in political campaigning by marginalised groups.

Based on our own experiences and artefacts collected in different African countries where we have worked, we are able to conduct African Art workshops for interested parties, such as schools in the UK.

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