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hi consultancy services

We are able to carry out consultancy work on all issues relating to the design, production and use of graphic materials for participatory communication.

This work falls into 3 main categories:-


one of the images recently prepared for unicef's WASH in Schools programme

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materials development

There are many ways in which we can help organisations to develop new, effective communicaion materials.

We have had extensive experience in graphic design, illustration and the preparation of artwork for print and web. This has included advising and training local artists on the design and production of manuals, comic books, posters, leaflets, various types of picture cards and maps, discussion starters and other interactive pictorial materials.

Our knowledge of how best to use participatory visual aids in group learning and how to pre-test and refine the design of image-based materials helps us to provide an all-inclusive service.

HI has carried out many successful consultancy contracts of this kind with organisations both large and small - from UNICEF in Sudan and Sierra Leone to grassroots groups in Botswana and Ghana.

We have also recently prepared three large sets of illustrations on WASH themes for unicef. These picture cards are being used to make participatory learning materials for use in Africa, Latin America and Pakistan/Afghanistan, as part of the WASH in Schools Emergency Toolkit.

Please visit our Illustrations for Development - i4D page to view these and other i4D images



computer graphics and photography can be useful if technology is available

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digital graphics

HI can provide expertise and training on all aspects of digital visual communication, from designing a leaflet for printing to developing a complete website. We can help others to learn how to use the common desktop publishing programmes, such as Word and InDesign, and the widely used image editor Photoshop.

For websites, we either code directly, using simple HTML and a text editor, or we use an application such as Dreamweaver. We are also able to advise on the use of digital photography and video in projects where photovoice or participatory photography techniques are required. ×


local art action can help people to develop awareness and confidence

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community art

Community art projects involve people from the same local community working together on a collaborative art project. HI has had lots of experience of facilitating in such projects, mostly in the UK but sometimes in developing countries.

For example, we worked with a group of street children in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, introducing them to various ways in which image making could be used. This included a visit to the National Museum in Addis, where the young people were encouraged to make drawings of some of the art and artefacts from their own culture. It was their first visit to any museum.

Painting a mural together is another simple way of developing solidarity in a community. It is also a good and relatively easy way of brightening up an otherwise dull environment such as a school or a hospital.

There are many different possibilities, but successful community art projects are friendly and enjoyable, involving conversations between community members which can lead to an increased awareness about local issues.